About my person

I am a German-Austrian-Croatian-Persian who grew up in a plurality of cultures. This means I am adept at changing perspectives and I examine cultural rules, norms and dogmas from both a professional and private perspective. Being the son of a mother who took part in the 1968 movement, I was challenged from the beginning to maintain my childish curiosity and to question things rigorously but respectfully. I therefore like looking beyond the economic horizon as well as the boundaries of internal culture and language. Wherever simple truths and unquestioned grey theories fail, I feel at home.

My education (chemistry, physics, medicine and business administration) culminated in a chemical doctorate. With this work I got trained as a sales process consultant and systemic coach. Today I work as an interim manager, moderator and speaker. I research and teach (Lecturer at Aalen University) business management, marketing and innovation management. This work has culminated in the publication of a certain number of books and specialised publications in recent years.

I like to look beyond my own horizon. I regularly question dogmas and rules, no matter how well founded they look. I am motivated by the search for the “right question”. Any question is allowed as long as it is respectful and goal-oriented. Questions generate agility, innovation and therefore vitality.

I am a passionate cave diver and blue water sailor. What fascinates me is discovering the unexpected, discovering the small in the big and the departure into the unknown.

I am a rough weather sailor and a firefighter in one. During my many years as an interim manager, I was always called when a company was either on fire, innovation was down, or when products became commodities. The situations were usually unclear and tricky. There were people to motivate, processes to be reassessed, old habits to be carefully replaced – in short, those were times of decisive course corrections. My recipe: appreciation of people and the past, and above all, a consistent focus on what would drive future success.

Cave diver-Blue water sailor-Company transformer. What fascinates me about my job and my passions is the departure into the uncertainty of the unknown. As a sailor and an interim manager, I take the helm whenever a situation requires attentive leadership. My principles: clarity, transparency, determination, respect and a mind focused on the well-being of my environment.

In my lectures I talk about the power of freedom and empowerment of customers and employees, as well as the influence of innovative and creative power on people and organisations. In doing so, I deliver the urgently needed stimuli for improved leadership, innovation and sales.

"The spirit wants to soar and not lie in chains."